SACC-USA Alumni Network

The SACC Alumni Network is open to anyone who has been a trainee or intern in the US through SACC. And to anyone who is, or has been, a trainee through the SACC American Talent to Sweden program. The program is a forum for networking and career development. SACC Alumni is an important part of the SACC network, the program plays an important role in the continued success of future SACC Alumni.

  • Network: As a SACC Alumni you are part of a group of talented young professionals with the professional attractiveness of having work experience from the US market. Networking in a diverse but like-minded group of SACC-Alumni could lead to new career opportunities in a different industry or you might learn about open positions in companies you didn’t even know existed.
  • Keep your connections to the US: Through SACC-USAs strong connections to the US Embassy and AmCham Sweden, the SACC Alumni Program is an opportunity to keep you connected to the US. As a SACC Alumni, you will also be invited to other events hosted and organized by SACC-USA (e.g. SACC-Summit in the US), the US Embassy and AmCham.
  • Visibility: Being part of a strong and attractive pool of talented young professionals gives you visibility to important stakeholders on the Swedish market. SACC-USA has several influential board members based in Sweden, who will attend and speak at SACC Alumni events.
  • An opportunity to advocate for strong Swedish-American relations: Being part of a big group of young professionals with experience and interest in Swedish-American trade relations you are in a strong position to advocate for even stronger ties between Sweden and the US.
  • Social activities: The SACC-alumni will also provide opportunities to connect with like-minded over less formal events such as after-work activities and Happy Hours.

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